The Franz Egenberger Milchwerk GmbH is an internationally aligned, medium-sized company based in Thierhaupten. Here, our high-quality milk replacers for your young animals are produced, above all for calf rearing. Animal health is always the top priority for responsible farmers – and we are delighted make a contribution to this with the outstanding quality of our feed!

Thierhaupten lies in the Lech valley near Augsburg – in the heart of
Bavaria. This is where the Egenberger dairy was founded in 1899
as part of an agricultural enterprise.

With about 4,000 inhabitants, Thierhaupten is an important market community in Bavarian Swabia.
Thierhaupten is famous because it is where one of Bavaria’s oldest Benedictine abbeys and the abbey mill
museum are located. Our headquarters are in the lower Lech region characterized by animal husbandry.

The plant located on Herzog Tassilo Street is the nucleus of Egenberger.
Apart from the administration, it houses our laboratory, a mixing installation,
bag filling and a warehouse.

In addition to a warehouse area of 4,700 m2 (50,572 sq. ft.), a new silo and mixing installation was built in
the high section of the building. Here, new product ideas become reality and, at the same time, the
expansion of our headquarters has secured jobs at Thierhaupten.